10 Best Countdown Apps (Android/IPhone) 2021

Is the countdown to a special event or festival very exciting? Now that countdown gets even more exciting with our best Android / iPhone 2021 Countdown apps, which allow you to set a countdown for any event and customize the countdown to suit your needs and choice.

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The best countdown app for Android/iPhone

1. Countdown to dream days Free Android / iPhone

Best Android countdown applications

This application is the best countdown application for Android 2021 and allows you to set up a countdown procedure for the cases you prefer that match your memories, style, and voice. This application allows you to organize events based on your countdown by category and the importance of the event in your life. This application also lets you add your own story to every countdown, record voice notes that reflect your feelings, and share your joy with your friends on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This application has six standard categories, namely Birthday, Vacation, Birthday, Life, School, Travel, and also offers the possibility to add new categories. This application has a voice memo function that allows you to capture your thoughts about any event. You can also easily and stylishly design your favorite event as a cover. This application will send you regular push notifications to remind you of an upcoming event.

2. Last Countdown – Android/ iPhone Widget

The best countdown app for Android/iPhone

This application is another better countdown application for the Android/ iPhone 2021 and a countdown widget, and this application includes a customizable widget for the home screen. This application lets you back up in the cloud with your Facebook connection. It also syncs all countdown data on all your Android and iOS devices. With the application, you can also set a recurring countdown and much more. It tells you the year, months, weeks, days, working days, hours, minutes, and even seconds! It includes over 300 FREE HD wallpapers and allows you to share your individual countdown in real-time on all Android, iPhone, and web mobile platforms via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Kik, Vine, Tumblr, SMS, Sina Weibo, email, etc. This application also imports your special events from the live phone calendar and imports birthdays on Facebook.

3. Countdown Widget: Follow the events on the iPhone

The best iPhone countdown applications

This application is also one of the best countdown applications on iPhone 2021 and helps you start the countdown for all the important moments in life. With this application, you can select the desired units for each countdown and you also have a countdown function.

4. Countdown Pro iPhone Badge

This application tells you how many days you have left for your important moment and also imports events and birthdays from your calendar. This application informs you regularly about events and allows you to select countdown formats. Try this application now!

5. Countdown to the Android App&Widget days

Best Android countdown applications

This application is a special countdown widget for the home screen and makes it possible to adjust the size of this widget. This request is counted in days, hours, and minutes. This application contains a large collection of stickers and also allows you to use your own photos for the widgets. This application has a huge and beautiful stock of photos that can be counted up to the event. This application has a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and yearly countdown function as well as a backup and recovery function.

6. Countdown widget for Android/iPhone

Best Android countdown applications

These are dynamic 4×1 and 5×1 widgets that make it possible to start multiple countdowns at the same time. This application also contains personalized phrases and has full support for the landscape. This great application will be counted for your birthday or any other event. This application contains different units to measure your countdown and gives you the possibility to select different phrases and choose from nice standard photos. With this application, you can also use your photo as the background and play your favorite music with a countdown timer!

7. Countdown of days – Android App & Widget

Best Android countdown applications

The days of the countdown are counted down to your event and the countdown starts as soon as the event arrives. This application also sends you to push notifications to remind you of the event and also allows you to customize the countdown with your favorite color. With this request, you can also decide which days will be counted, whether they are working days or only Sundays. This application also lets you customize fonts for each countdown, import your special events and birthdays from your calendar, and share your events with your friends.

8. Big Days – Android Countdown

With this great application, you can select a photo of the event from the camera or gallery, or you can search online on Pixabay. This application creates a special countdown notification for each event and allows you to select your favorite event and show you the remaining days before and after the event.

9. Time for | Beautiful Android Countdown

This is the time that elapses before the user sets the timer and it tells you how many seconds, minutes, hours, working days, days, weeks, or months are left for an event that is of particular interest to you. With this application, you can create as many counters as you want and they are automatically organized by date.

10. Large Android countdown

A large countdown timer starts a countdown for all special events in your life and displays very large numbers that can be read remotely. This application gives you an early warning and has a history override function. This application also has a snooze function and snooze buttons to alert you, as well as a proximity sensor to prevent you from waking up in your pocket.


This is the best countdown timer for Android / iPhone 2020 applications, so you can set a countdown timer for each event and set a countdown procedure. I hope you enjoy this article. Please let us know what you think of the above requests.
Thank you very much.