🥇 Sites Like YesMovies + Proxy List (December 2020)

We don’t like movies! Nobody ever said that. That’s why everyone wants to be able to watch films and TV programs comfortably on the couch. A simple solution is web streaming. Such a site is none other than the YesMovies ever known.

What if I told you that YesMovies isn’t the safest option apart from being illegal? Don’t worry about it. There are many alternatives to YesMovies for downloading free movies online that are available for the same purpose.

Free sites such as YesMovies (MUST be used by ADBLOCKER)

Premium websites with free tests

  • Netflix: The world-famous Netflix company offers three monthly subscription packages: Basic ($8.99), Standard ($12.99), and Premium ($15.99). In addition, you get a trial period of 30 days before you actually decide whether you want it or not.
  • Hulu: Starting at $5.99 per month, Hulu offers some of the best content available. Hulu offers the following subscription formulas: Hulu ($5.99), Hulu without advertising ($11.99), Hulu + Live TV ($54.99), and Hulu without advertising + Live TV ($60.99). There are no hidden costs and the trial period is 30 days.
  • Disney Plus: If you’re a fan of Marvel and Star Wars, Disney Plus won’t be new to you. A monthly subscription costs $69.99, but if you take an annual subscription – $69.99. You get seven days probation.
  • Amazon premiere video: Netflix’s main competitor, Amazon Prime Video, has left behind all its weaknesses that are already part of the story and has returned with new content. You can get a separate subscription to Amazon Prime Video for $8.99 or Prime for $12.99. It also has a trial period of 30 days.
  • Apple TV Plus: Today, Apple has also switched to streaming services. And it costs as much as this Apply, but fortunately, it only costs $4.99 a month. You also benefit from a 7-day trial period.
  • Hot star: Hotstar is an Indian Disney+ streaming service whose content is distributed in 17 languages. Some of the content on Hotstar is absolutely free, but for the rest, you will need Hotstar Premium (Rs. 299 per month) or Hotstar VIP (Rs. 399 per month).
  • HBO NOW: HBO offers legendary shows and movies that you can’t find on any other streaming service. That’s why HBO NU has invented its own streaming service HBO, which costs $15 per month at a fixed price. If you want to try HBO now, there is a 7-day trial period for you to make a decision.
  • CBS All Access: CBS All Access is an American streaming service owned by CBS Interactive. His start-up plan costs $5.99 per month with a limited number of advertisements. However, free advertising is $11.99 per month after the 7-day trial period.
  • It’s showtime: Films, TV shows, news, sports, and documentaries, you name it and ShowTime broadcasts them for you! ShowTime has only one subscription, which costs $10.99 per month at the end of the 7-day trial period.
Safe and legal websites such as DaFilms

Since YesMovies has been declared illegal and dangerous, there are many other streaming services. Some lead to spam sites that are not useful, while others are real and safe to use.

We have included safe and legal websites here, such as YesMovies, which have a wide range of content:

Pluto TV

If you are not interested in purchasing subscription services such as Netflix or Hulu, you should check out this absolutely free option of Pluto TV. You can watch licensed TV channels, web content, on-demand channels, and streaming content, all at no extra cost.

Simply download the application from the PlayStore or AppStore. Although from time to time you’ll see about 15 to 30 seconds of advertising in a row, it’s worth it because it’s free.

Official website

Tube TV

Tubi TV is the best alternative to YesMovies with a wide selection of films and TV series (almost 20,000!). You can enjoy the content for free, but you must view some of the ads. All you need is a free registration and you’re ready to go!

Popular movies and TV shows on Tubi TV include Duck Dynasty, Rango, and Hell’s Kitchen. To date, it is only available in Canada, the United States, and Australia.


An absolutely free streaming service that Sony Crackle has been talking about for ten years. Two features that make Crackle absolutely attractive are that it is free and available on virtually any device (phone, tablet, browser, etc.).

This is not required for a subscription to Crackle in order to enjoy free content. However, the signature brings with it a small number of advantages, such as preserving the progress of the film or preserving the film for later screening. To be honest, Sony Crackle’s content is not comparable to that of premium websites, but it does include famous TV shows and movies such as Happy Endings, Point Break, and Stranger Than Fiction.


PlexTV is another free replacement for YesMovies. It’s an ad-supported streaming service that lets you watch TV shows, movies, news, podcasts, broadcasts, and more. All you need to do is register for a free account (a credit card account is not required) to use the service.

Some of the most popular movies you can watch on PlexTV are Big Jake, The Matchbreaker, The Unseen, and Black Eagle.


Vudu is a free and paid streaming service owned by Walmart. Vudu recently developed a feature called Movies on us that allows users to watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free and on-demand.

Since it’s a free service, advertising is not the brain. In voodoo, on the other hand, advertising is limited. Voodoo has some geographical limitations, but so far it is only available in the United States and Mexico. But let’s hope they’ll extend it soon (thumbs!).

Roku channel

The Roku channel is different from YesMovies. After creating a free Roku account you will have access to free TV shows, movies, news, and sports events. However, this approach is supported by advertising.

But if you’re thinking about more bonuses from this service, there’s good news. You don’t have to pay for the whole service as for all other streaming services. You can choose any premium channel and only pay for it.


Speaking of free and legal streaming services, can’t we forget PopcornFlix? It is a free streaming service with advertising support, with original and foreign content. Registration is completely voluntary, which is good news for people who do not want to give their personal information online.

In terms of content, PopcornFlix has a number of interesting titles. These include Zodiac, Silence, 21 Jumping Street, Hell’s Kitchen, and Popeye. They also have original content worth seeing, such as The Lifeguard and Buffalo Girls.


Many people compare Netflix and iFlix of the same type, apparently because of the similarity of the name. However, iFlix is a free streaming service with a similar experience as Netflix. It is now available in many countries including Malaysia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

iFlix is worth looking at content with new titles. Here are some examples of films and television programs: Originals, Gossip Girl, Sherlock Holmes, and Notebook. It is also content for children, Frozen and The Incredibles are two favorites.


Do you want a television controlled like a computer? FawesomeTV is here for you! Awesome TV offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and channels that you can broadcast for free.

If you’re a former filmmaker, Fawesome TV will be your cup of tea. However, the content is (of course!) interrupted by advertisements. In addition, the TV channels are divided into categories such as food, style, comedy, entertainment, education, and more, to name but a few!


We’ve all been familiar with YouTube since we started the Internet. It used to be a site for music videos and travel guides, but now you can stream movies and TV shows on YouTube. Content availability may vary depending on your location.

Before you can view the selected content, you must register with a regular YouTube account (by email) and then choose to buy or rent a movie or TV show of your choice. You can rent a film for 30 days. However, as soon as you press the play button, you only have 48 hours to play the movie.

DaFilm complexes

Films Yes Illegal?

Like almost all other streaming sites, YesMovies is illegal because it does not pay for a movie license. Many countries consider the use of these sites illegal and you may be held liable if you do so.

How can I stop advertising Yes?

There is no specific way to completely stop the advertising on the YesMovies website. However, you can use an ad blocker to reduce the frequency and impact of pop-ups.

How do I download YesMovies?

YesMovies now also has an application for IOS and Android. As this is an illegal service, you will not be able to find it in the App Store or the Play Store. So the only way to download the YesMovies application is via GPS (although this is not recommended).

How do I access YesMovie movies if they are blocked?

If you are unable to access the YesMovies website, it may be blocked in your area. So use a VPN or YesMovies proxy to gain access from a server located in a different region.

Security and data protection issues

If you missed some instructions on illegal broadcasting, let me hang him back here. Films and websites such as YesMovies are dangerous and illegal. These streaming sites lead to advertisements that can then download certain viruses or malicious files to your computer without your permission or knowledge.

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In addition, these sites may also have fraudulent access to your personal information, such as your account information. These sites are illegal under the laws of the United States and many other countries because they do not provide any benefit to the manufacturers. And if precautions are taken against you, you may be fined.

If you are still on the heels of YesMovies and you are not interested in alternatives to YesMovies, don’t worry! Here are a few tips that can free you from all your worries about security and privacy. You can use advertising blockers to prevent unnecessary advertising. In addition, when using a VPN, you are required to stay away from surveillance, which means that there are no sanctions.

Last words

Now that we’ve made a list of the best alternatives for YesMovies, it’s time to say goodbye. Leave us your ribbon in the comments below, or if we missed one of your favorites, please let us know. We love talking to you!

We also reported on places like Putlocker and Solarmovi.